It’s All About Leverage\

You have an idea but don’t have the resources to bring it to market.
Together, we can leverage our resources to turn your innovation into a reality.

An Impressive Partner Network

Meet those in your industry who have been there and done that. TRTech can help make inroads.

Leading ICT
Minds + Talent

Gain timely access to the expertise you need. Top talent is ready to sink their teeth into your project.


Multiply the value of your investment by leveraging our people, talent and funding.


Keep your IP

Capitalize on your idea without the risk of losing it. TRTech is interested only in your success.

Our Areas Of Expertise\

Intelligent Wireless

Receive timely assistance when you are ready to develop your next electromagnetic (EM) based product.

Data Analytics\

Explore how your data can benefit your bottom line by engaging our experts in subsidized commercialization projects.

Application Services\

Get help navigating end-to-end design decisions and fast-track application development.


ICT Security\

Lessen the burden ICT Security places on you by using pooled expertise and resources and solve common ICT problems in cost effective ways.



Bring your SME together with health authorities, research hospitals, care networks and large telecom players.


Recent News\

Delegates From Around the World Are Coming to Calgary at the End of October

September 30th, 2014

From Ontario to the Netherlands, innovative technology and energy companies are travelling to Calgary this October to learn how to engage the Canadian Energy Supply Chain.

Congratulations to LemonFree for being selected for the CDMN Outbound Soft Landing Program

September 30th, 2014

LemonFree, a Winnipeg-based firm, was selected as one of the fifteen Canadian companies for the Canadian Digital Media Network’s (CDMN) outbound Soft Landing program this fall. LemonFree engaged with TRTech (a CDMN hub located across Western Canada) and was able to apply for the program.


  • Harnessing the Feedback Loop\

    August 29th, 2014

  • Catching the Wireless Wave\

    July 31st, 2014

Latest Tweets\

CONGRATULATIONS to LemonFree for being selected for the @cdmn Soft Landing Program this fall


16 hours ago

RT @cdmn: With support from TD, here is the next cohort of the CDMN Soft Landing program! See the companies participating:…


16 hours ago

RT @cdmn: .@Can3_0 is soon coming to Alberta! Find out what’s next for #cdntech in #cdnenergy Oct. 28-30


16 hours ago